Agarat - Medium Undead (CR2)

The Agarat comes from original D&D, and is a ghoul like undead that lacks (in its lesser form anyway) the paralysing claws of that other undead, but which possesses a far more fearsome ability. Often found leading packs of ghouls, these filthy things can quickly weaken enemies with their unearthly howls, rendering them unable to act, and even, if exposed for too long, killing them.

Agarat's are one of those monsters that come out as a low CR, but which have proper TPK potential if not dealt with quickly (and of course, this can be complicated by its immunity to non-magical weapons that are not forged of Cold Iron - or Adamantium if you don't have that as a house rule). Of course, with its low AC and hpts, even low level characters shouldn't struggle too much if they focus their attacks on them. However, these should definitely be used with care.

Have fun!!!