Earthquake Beetle - Jishin Mushi (Huge Beast - CR 5)

"We expected to face an elemental of some kind, or a powerful druid. We certainly did not expect to be fighting against a hulking, shimmer-shelled beetle the size of a small warship!"

- Allegro Sontante, Adventurer, Bard and Lover.

The Jishin Mishu is a monstrous beetle that I first found on page 123 of  AD&D 1st edition's Oriental Adventures, though it has subsequently made many more appearances. A typical specimen of this monstrous creature is huge, having an iridescent shell, shimmering compound eyes, and vast curved mandibles. They live in thick forests, moving freely among the trees in spite of their immense size, and seem uncommonly drawn to cattle.

In my world, although most often thought of as natives to Kai'Yassan and other lands linked to it, they actually crop up all over the world, being found most commonly in the thick forests of Low Dark on Calsor, in the jungles of the Storm Shroud Peninsula, and after the sundering, in any place where the right habitat exists.

Anyway, here you go.

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