Force Golems - Large to Gargantuan Constructs (CR 2 - 27)

I first saw the Force Golem in Monster Manual V, and used them very briefly in a 3.5 game I was running at the time. Since then, I have not had any chance to use them...until a few weeks ago. In my Discord game, the group had to search for a downed spelljammer, which had crashed in a magical academy. When they got there, they quickly found that these sentient constructs were patrolling and apparently protecting the site...and tangled with them frequently.

The original Force Golem was a fairly straight forwards beastie, and is represented by the CR 2 conversion below. However, I knew I wanted some variants, which is how the Ogre sized Guardian and Gargantuan Titan's came to be born.

Yes, the 5th level group did face a Titan - though it was the backdrop for a skill challenge to get to cover before it turned them to mist with its force pulse.

So, here are three new sentient constructs for your campaign. Enjoy!

Force Golem (CR 2)

Force Golem Guardian (CR 11)

Force Golem Titan (CR 27)