Gothniir Defender - CR 12 (Large Construct)

As you have probably guessed, I really like Iron Defenders, and have used countless variants in my own games to challenge a variety of groups. The Gothniir Defender is a variant plated in the super-hard form of Gold found in my world known as both Gothnir and Vothniir (depending on what kind of dundiir you are) though the Dwaerdorin call it Suth...anyway.

These are big, heavy things, plated in the hard metal and imbued with the ability to discharge a beam of blinding, blazing light. I had prepped them for use in a dungeon that is no longer needed, as the PUG decided not to go with the great Auction House caper, and got rich singing in a pub instead.

Too cute, but the closest I could find...

So, I thought I would share the stats, so perhaps this monstrosity can rip the life from some characters in another universe and place.