Vryx's Elixir - Unique Potion (Alcoholic Drink)

Vyrx Avvertham is a ghaerduun alchemist come brewer who lives in Saltabar in the mid to late middle 2nd Age (Born 13534 – Died 13646).

He was notable for several reasons. Firstly, he was involved in an accident when he was young, which saw a large fin of blown glass become impaled in his left cheek. Rather than remove it however, at the behest of his voices, he left it in place, and indeed, from that moment on regularly cut himself with glass, and used the various mordant substances he worked with to burn himself.

Secondly, his love of alchemy and love of brewing increasingly began to merge, and by the time he became the proprietor of The Alembic, his (in)famous adventurer’s bar in Saltabar’s Dye and Paint Bazaar, he had already crafted a number of strange and potentially dangerous brews.

However, his most famous brew was his unpredictable elixir – a strong alcoholic brew tinged with wild alchemical notes, which had unpredictable effects on those that drank it. In truth, its creation was an accident; a byproduct of Vryx’ poor cleaning procedures, for his first batch (and indeed, subsequent batches) came to be when he rinsed his alchemical apparatus in the alcohol, seeking to clean it, and then decided to sell the alcohol instead of dispose of it.

Art From: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/phaeselis/images/6/67/Alchemy.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131004175822
*Juss...hic...one more*
Vryx’s Elixir (Unique Potion – Alcoholic Drink) No two glasses of this stuff look the same, for all bear streaks and clouds of colour, particles, clumps and crystals and other clearly alchemical contaminations. The taste, whilst universally held to be horrific, is also highly variable, though the most common description lies somewhere between “It tastes like cat’s piss smells” and “It tastes like a mouthful of old coppers and vinegar”.

However, the elixir is very potent (5d4 intoxication dice if using those rules), and forces the one consuming it to make a D.C. 3d10 Constitution save, failure meaning they experience one of a variety of effects (roll on the table below).


01-25: The drink is especially potent; +5d4 intoxication die

26-30: Drinker experiences a physical mutation of some kind. This lasts for 3d12 hours, and it is up to the DM what form this mutation takes.

31-35: Drinker loses their voice (as if silenced) for 1d8 hours

36-40: Drinker becomes incontinent over the next 2d12 hours. There is a 1d6% cumulative chance per round of combat that they become distracted by this, and suffer Disadvantage on all rolls requiring focus or concentration until their either soil themselves or seek relief.

41-54: All the Drinker’s hair falls out. If they are hairless, they instead grow thick, wildly curly hair which falls out after 1d6 hours.

55-60: Drinker’s speech becomes scrambled. No one can understand a word they say for the next 1d8 hours without the use of magic or other translating abilities.

61-65: Drinker falls unconscious for 2d12 hours. They cannot be woken for more than a minute without the use of a Lesser Restoration or similar

66-70: Drinker gains 19 (3d12) temporary hit points

71-75: Drinker gains a +2 bonus to one of their statistics (chosen at random) for the next 24 hours.

76-80: Drinker may, once before their next long rest, add +5 (1d10) to a single attack roll, saving throw, skill or ability check.

81-85: Drinker gains Darkvision 60ft or +30ft if they have it already.

86-90: Drinker gains Resistance to one form of damage (as a Potion of Resistance) for 1d10 hours.

91: Drinker’s total hit points are reduced by 11 (2d10) for 3d12 hours

92: Drinker gains a natural +2 bonus to their AC for 3d12 hours

93: Drinker is blinded for 3d12 hours

94: Drinker gains Advantage on all D20 rolls for the next 3d12 hours

95: Drinker cannot attune to any magical items for the next 3d12 hours, and loses attunement to all items they are currently attuned to.

96: Drinker gains a +20ft increase to their speed for 3d12 hours

97: Drinker becomes violent and begins to attack all nearby creatures. They fight until calmed somehow or until taken down. This rage passes after 1d4 hours.

98: Drinker gains the benefits of a long rest

99: Drinker is reduced to 0 hit points and is dying

00: Drinker must fail +1 death saves to die until they next die.

Vryx sells a shot of his elixir for 50gp (200gps if his voices tell him to).