Daemon, Malrauthin - Huge Fiend (CR 19)

In the Dragonlance books, Raistlin battles the ancient Black Robed Arch-Mage Fistandantilus, and during the course of the battle, daemons and elementals are summoned and sent back to their own dimensions. I have to admit, I always loved reading that fight, as I could so clearly imagine the two potent mages throwing everything they had at each other, the tower collapsing around them in the arcane shockwaves.

In the Dragonlance Bestiary, released for 3.5, the daemon shown in the art above (which is a picture of that epic battle) was detailed - and man, was it mean. A fire daemon that also had more than a little penchant for rotting the souls from the living and turning them into hateful shades. Magic resistant. Physically mighty, and also able to throw many powerful spells. 

Yeah, this was some Balor level shit!

Anyway, I always wanted to convert this to 5e, and now, in (at least one) of my games, there is a chance to use such a horrific monstrosity. 

Obviously, I wanted to share. Why should only my players suffer eh?