Guardian Familiar - Small Monstrosity (CR 12)

So, this is a weird one, straight from 1st Edition AD&Ds Fiend Folio. Guardian Familiars are spirits that appear to be mundane house cats. However, when slain, they immediately return to life, more potent than the time before, doing so a total of nine times before finally being slain. It is, according to that tome, from these creatures that the common belief that cat's have nine lives is born.

So, loving this idea and wanting to use one (all nine?) of these in my game, I have created the following stats for this odd little (then not so little) monster. I think you might like them too!


Unable to find original source / give credit - art is not my own
Yeah, it looks cute now - but wait until it craps all over your books and takes a pee on your robes...