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Alchemy Divine Domain
Bard College - Dirgists


Epic Boon Collection

Boon of Destruction
Boon of Enhanced Attunement
Boon of Focused Magic
Boon of Greater Casting
Enchanted Weapon Master
Energy Negator


Ancient Armoury - A Variety of New (Old) Weapons Properties and Weapons
Aspirthane - Mage Throttler, Scorched Aether (Rare Poison)
A Variety of Poisons
Composite Longbow and Shortbow (Martial Weapons) 
Brigandine Armour (Medium Armour)
Buckler Shield
Gorgoth Handgonne - Grunta' (Martial Weapon)
Maquahuitl (Martial Weapon)
Masterwork Weapons and Armour
More Gorgoth Weapons 
Tower Shield


Eschew Material Components
Tower Shield Bearer


A Collection of Converted Items from AD&D2e "Drow of the Underdark"
A Feast of Fantastical Foods
A Pile of 4e to 5e Conversions 
A Selection of Potent Maces
A Variety of Weapon Enhancement Oils

Dwaercraft Items and Decay Rules

Amulet of Blade Ward - Uncommon Amulet (Requires Attunement)
Bomb Wand - Uncommon Wondrous Item
Carnivorous Shadow - Legendary Longsword (Requires Attunement) 
Death Lance - Rare Weapon (Requires Attunement)
Deep Flame (Uncommon Wondrous Item - Material)
Fiend Breaker - Legendary Two-Handed Mace (Requires Attunement)
Harsh Weapon - Uncommon Weapon (Requires Attunement)
"Hope's Famine" - Legendary Wondrous Item (Requires Attunement by a Warlock)
Lantern Weapon - Rare Weapon (Requires Attunement)
Potion of Adaptive Resistance - Rare Potion
Potion of Energy Negation - Uncommon to Legendary Potion 
Ring of Gathering Momentum - Rare Ring (Requires Attunement)
Star Rose Tincture (Positoxin - Rare Consumable)
Strige's Bane Spaulders - Very Rare Heavy Armour (Requires Attunement) 
Sunstone Weapons- Uncommon Weapons [any] (Requires Attunement)
Sword of the Sons (Very Rare Weapon - Requires Attunement)
"Thannadane - The Cleansing Storm" - Legendary Broadsword (Requires Attunement by a Paladin)
Tome of Cursed Utterances - Legendary Wondrous Item
Vial of Shared Fates - Very Rare Wondrous Item (Requires Attunement by up to 3 living creatures)
Vryx's Elixir - Unique Potion 


Goggles of Night


Bane Damage
Alternative Concentration Rules
Getting Drunk, Very Drunk and Dead Drunk
Item Damage in 5th Edition? 
Modifying the Making Magic Items Rules 
Piecemeal Armours
Three Riddles
Using Fortune Cards as Rewards in 5th Edition 
Weakened Condition (5e Version)
                  [Also Expanding on the Weakened Condition]
Vile Damage


Revisiting Green Slime - The Deadliest Denizen of All!
Zygom (Terrain like Monster)

CR 0

Balmspine Squirrel (Tiny Beast) 

CR 1/8  

Land Urchin (Small Beast)

CR 1/4

Akaname - Filth Licker (Small Aberration) 

CR 1/2

Brain Mole (Tiny Monstrosity) 
Displacer Serpent (Medium Beast)
Dolgrim (Small Aberration)
Dusk Widow (Small Beast)
Gas Bat (Tiny Plant)
Lock Lurker (Tiny Monstrosity)
Screamer Beetle (Medium Beast)
Shadow Mephit (Small Humanoid)
Triffid (Large Plant) 

CR 1

Ancient Huecuva (Medium Undead)
Desiccator (Small Undead)
Eye Stinger (Medium Monstrosity)
Haagathga (Medium Ooze)
Necrophidius (Large Construct)
Salt Mephit (Small Elemental) 
Sheet Ghoul (Medium Undead)
Shocker Lizard (Small Beast)
Worker Android (Medium Construct) 

CR 2

Agarat (Medium Undead)
Allip (Medium Undead)
Astral Searcher (Medium Undead)
Carnivorous Web - Duleep (Medium Monstrosity)
Dagolar Slime (Medium Ooze)
Darkenbeast (Medium Monstrosity)
Drelb (Medium Monstrosity) 
Dusanu - Rot Fiend (Medium Plant)
Force Golem (Large Construct)
Gastly (Small Undead)
Hoarvor (Medium Beast)
Myrlochar (Medium Fiend) 
Necroplasm (Medium Undead) 
Neogi (Small Monstrosity)
Sporeback Frog (Medium Beast) 

CR 3

Corruption Corpse (Medium Undead)
Deathflame Zombie (Medium Undead)
Dwemer Spider (Small Construct)
Fell Taint Warp Wender (Medium Aberration)
Gloom Wing (Large Beast)
Herons Bane Lily (Huge Plant) 
Ju-Ju Zombie (Medium Undead)
Kamadan (Large Monstrosity)
Lensman (Medium Aberration)
Necrosis Carnex (Medium Undead)
Nethersoul Shambler (Medium Undead / Fiend) 
Nurgling (Small Fiend)
Olive Slime Creature (Medium Plant)
Phycomid (Small Plant)
Quell (Medium Undead)
Slithering Tracker (Small Ooze)
Stench Kow (Large Beast) 

CR 4

70C-70c - Duodrone Fixer (Medium Construct)
Artaaglith - Goat Daemon (Medium Fiend)
Ash Wraith (Medium Undead)
Brain in a Jar (Tiny Undead) 
Fire Dragonet (Medium Dragon)
Glowing One (Medium Humanoid)
Lava Children (Medium Elemental)
Ogre Slug (Large Monstrosity)
Son of Kyuss (Medium Undead) 
Thrax (Medium Undead)
Umpleby (Large Monstrosity)
White Abishai (Medium Fiend) 

CR 5

Beholder Kin - Gauth (Medium Aberration)
Black Abishai (Medium Fiend)
Death Shard (Medium Elemental)
Destrachan (Large Monstrosity)
Dwemer Sphere (Medium Construct)
Earthquake Beetle - Jishin Mushi (Huge Beast) 
Gengar (Medium Undead)
Gun Totem (Large Construct) 
Hopping Vampire (Medium Undead)
Jovoc (Small Fiend)
Metalmaster (Large Monstrosity)
Runespiral Daemon (Small Fiend) 
Shadow Mastiff (Medium Beast)
Solstice Knight Paladin (Medium Humanoid)
Tsoreva Quori (Medium Fiend)
Unstable Ooze (Medium Ooze) 
Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing (Small Monstrosity) - Additional Power

CR 6

Boneclaw (Large Undead)
Elemental Grue (Fire) - Harginn (Medium Elemental) 
Evistro - Carnage Daemon (Medium Fiend)
Grimslake (Large Monstrosity)
Nullstone Gargoyle (Medium Construct) 
Pyrotrice (Medium Monstrosity) 
Steel Horror  (Medium Construct)
Wyrd (Medium Undead)

CR 7

Death Hag (Medium Fey)
Defacer (Medium Undead)
Ethereal Slayer (Medium Monstrosity) 
Eye of Fear and Flame (Medium Undead)
Flail Snail (Large Monstrosity)
Flamespiker (Medium Elemental)
Karzod - Urgorgori Fighter (Large Humanoid) 
Elder Myrlochar (Large Fiend)

Sheet Phantom (Large Undead)
Tsucora Quori (Medium Fiend)

CR 8 

Arcane Ooze (Huge Ooze) 
Aurumvorax  (Small Beast)
Creeping Doom (Large Swarm of Tiny Beasts)
Dread Ram (Large Undead)
Erdeen - Earth Elemental of Chaos (Large Elemental)
Kazrith (Medium Fiend)

CR 9

Elemental Grue - Chaggrin (Small Elemental)
Green Abishai (Medium Fiend)
Intellect Glutton (Large Aberration) 
Iron Gargoyle (Large Construct)
Ju-Ju Zombie Tiger (Large Undead)
Mihstu (Medium Elemental) 
Pennaggolan (Medium Undead)
Reaperthorn Scarecrow (Large Construct)
Shardevax - Tar Devil Captain (Medium Fiend)
Tenebrous Worm  (Large Beast)

CR 10

Grey Render (Large Monstrosity)
Leukodaemon (Large Fiend)
Scaladar (Large Construct)
Stun Jelly (Large Ooze)
Zovvut (Medium Fiend)

CR 11

Force Golem Guardian (Large Construct)
Guardian Daemon (Large Fiend)
Mantrap (Large Plant)
Nighthaunt (Medium Undead)
Swordwing Cogivore (Medium Humanoid) 

CR 12

Cinderspawn (Large Undead)
Elder Larvae (Huge Fiend)
Gothniir Defender (Large Construct)
Hell Knight (Large Fiend)
Remmanon (Large Fiend)

CR 13

Blue Abishai (Medium Fiend)

CR 14

Furorodaemon - Rage Devil (Large Fiend)
Jotor'Gigorim - Mountain Giant (Huge Giant)
Juggernaut (Huge Monstrosity)

CR 15

Bone Golem (Large Construct)
Crystalion (Large Elemental) 
Devourer (Large Undead)
Dread Wraith (Medium Undead)
Kastighur (Huge Fiend)
Krampus (Large Fey)

CR 16

Seszrath (Huge Fiend) 

CR 17

Malboro (Huge Aberration)
Red Abishai (Medium Fiend)
Thanagorim - Death Giant (Huge Giant)

CR 18 

Deathbringer (Large Undead)
Pistol Wraith (Medium Undead)
Swordwing (Medium Humanoid)

Slimy Demodand (Medium Fiend)
Tomb Tapper - Thaalud (Huge Construct)

CR 19

Famine Spirit (Medium Undead)
Daemon, Malrauthin (Huge Fiend)
Marut Inevitable (Large Construct)

CR 20

Ancient Iron Golem (Huge Construct)
Shemhazian (Gargantuan Fiend)
Thessalhydra (Huge Monstrosity) 

CR 21

Gobbuth - Greater Daemon of Gluttony (Huge Fiend)
Overseer (Huge Aberration) 
Retriever (Huge Construct)

CR 22

Asterater (Gargantuan Aberration)

CR 25

Butcher, The (Huge Fiend)
Neh-Thalggu [Brain Collector] (Huge Aberration)
Thaniir Ancient (Huge Fey Plant) 

CR 26

Cheldean Eye Tower (Huge Aberration)

CR 27

Force Golem Titan (Gargantuan Construct)

CR 28

Earth Elemental Monolith (Gargantuan Elemental)

CR 32

Umbral Blot (Medium Construct)

CR 34

Astral Dreadnought (Gargantuan Aberration)

CR 35

Primal Air Elemental (Gargantuan Elemental) - BE WARNED - HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL 


Ghovian (Giff)
Glwyrr'Syth (Shadow Elf) Sub-Race
Warforged (Veteran Sub-Race)
Woeforged (Warforged Sub-Race)


Playtest -   Artificer Spells
Spelljammer Spell Conversions

Touchstone Spells: Rules
                                Corrosive Fountain 
Vile Ritual - Summon Kastighur    


(Level 4) Spell Immunity
(Level 5) Indomitability 
(Level 6) Celestial Protection
(Level 9) Absorption


(Level 2) Glitterdust
(Level 7) Spiritwrack
(Level 9) Black Blade of Disaster


(Level 1) Portal Beacon
(Level 2) Wyvern Watch

(Level 7) Torment


(Cantrip) Scare
(Level 4) Vacancy 


(Level 2) Death Armour
(Level 2) Ghoul Touch


(Level 2) Solute Sending
(Level 3) Wrack Construct
(Level 5) Create Darkenbeast
(Level 6) No Breath