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Building Your Own Constructs
Servants of the Divine: Servants of the War Gods
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Rending The Veil - Resurrection Post Sundering
Dromite Player Race
Toughen Up - Three New Feats For Living Constructs
Vile Damage in 4e?
Wild Surges - 100 Random Magical Effects 
Negative Levels in 4e
Ghaerduun Player Race
Grey Styptics - Monster Stats and New Consumables
Massive Damage in 4e
Building A Better Dundiir - Dundorin Racial Feats
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Using Checks as Saving Throws
13th Age Style Background in Gatespace
13th Age Saves in 4e?
Something We Are Play Testing  (Recharging Dailies)
Some Thoughts I've Been Having (Escalation Die and Ability Modifiers)
Two New Feats (Action Point Feats)
Hitting Harder by Rolling Higher /  (Play Test Observations)
New Condition - Numbed (4e and 5e stats)


Advantage Seeking Weapon (Level 4+ Uncommon Weapon)
Battlesoul shard (Level 11 Uncommon Wondrous Item)
Belt of False Life (Level 5+ Rare Waist Slot Item)
Exotic Metals of Gatespace
Festercrab's Brown Eye - Level 14 Poison  
Final Word Broad Sword, "Concluder" (Level 26 Unique Weapon)
Flames Essence - Level 20 Rare Ring
Foedread - 4th Edition Legacy Weapon

Gothic Plate Armour (Exotic Heavy Armour)
Glass Soul Elixir - Level 1 Rare / 5e  Uncommon Potion

Mother Carrion - Level 24 Rare (Unique) Great Axe 
Nilbog Elixir (Level 15 Uncommon Consumable)
Pure Potion of Fire Resistance (Level 9+ Uncommon Consumable)
Ring of Iron Fangs (Level 8+ Rare Ring)
Ring of Shooting Stars - (Level 18 Rare Ring) 
Scroll of Animate Dead, Minor (Level 5 Uncommon Consumable)
Scroll of Fireball (Level 20 Uncommon Consumable) 
Shator Gem (Level 15 Uncommon Neck Slot / Consumable)
Stone Soul Stance (Level 25 Boon)
Tasric - (Level 10 Uncommon Poison)
Three Epic Weapons 

Zerrakiel's Distillate (Level 1 Rare Consumable)
Oil of Escalation (Level 1+ Common Consumable)
My 5e Warforged Player race (Vs Keith Baker's Homebrew Warforged Player Race)

Auran'Dyre - The Carrion Port 
Glyph of Warding (Level 12 Ritual)
Gongoramm - Vulgorim Deity of Brutality, Bullying and Cruelty
Virian - City of Turmoil (Snapshot of Virian 49 N.C.)
The Solumite Reunification
World Lore - The Woe of Convulos'Soth'Kulzaad
Zengott The Everflayed (Fluff)
Unearthed Lore - Of the Guild Wars and the Oblivion Seed spell


Session 1 - Overghasts, War Machines, Irin and Bindings


Mephits, Mephits, Mephits!
Here Comes The Swarm - Slivers for 4e (Part I)
Here Comes The Swarm - Sliver Queen (Level 16 Solo Soldier / Leader)
Here Comes The Swarm (Part 3) - Paragon Tier Slivers


Aelwyr'Gigorim (Level 8 Artillery)
Exaxadreithion - Ancient Blue Dracane (Level 22 Solo Artillery)
Magmin Pyromaniac (Level 2 Artillery)


Bloodhulk Giant (Level 9 and 23 Brute)
Common Oni (Level 11 Brute)
Gangor Head Eater - Urgorgori Bodyguard (Level 15 Elite Brute)
Gelatinous Cube [Updated] - (Level 5 Elite Brute)
Gulguthydra (Level 15 Solo Brute) 
Infested Iron Defender (Level 11 Brute)
Kydraxi Apocalypse (Level 1 April Fools Brute)
Skrung - King of the East Mountains (Level 21 Solo Brute)
Thorn Golem (Level 3 Elite brute)
Zovvut Render (Level 21 Solo Brute)


Akulzar "Twice Risen", Lich (Level 24 Solo Controller [Leader])
Badass Flumph (Level 25 Elite Controller)
Bloat Thrall (Level 14 Controller)
Boalisk (Level 9 Controller) 
Death Kiss [Bleeder] (Level 13 Solo Controller)
Elder Prismatic Roper (Level 15 Elite Controller) 
Eye of the Deep (Level 19 Controller)
Flumph (Level 2 Controller)
Greater Feyr (Level 20 Controller) 
Helldazzler Initiate (Level 20 Elite Controller)
Jiki-Ketsu Gaki (Level 11 Controller)
Magmin inferno (Level 2 Controller)
Nye'ddeth, The Thing in the Relic (Level 22 Solo Controller)
Orcolla, High Priest of Orcus (Level 24 Solo Controller) 
Shihezzu - Elemental Mage (Level 12 Elite Controller)
Succubus Lustwitch (Level 21 Controller)
Trapper (Level 12 Controller) 
Umbral Blot (Level 21 Elite Controller)
Xac-Yel Obliterator (Level 19 Controller)
Yirlantir's Ghost (Level 20 Controller)
Zuggob, Son of Skrung (Level 20 Elite Controller)


Bakemono (Level 10 Base Minion)  
Steel Separatist Grunt (Level 4 Soldier Minion)


Angel Minor of Azrael (Level 11 Elite Skirmisher)
Ascomoid (Level 7 Skirmisher)
Carnox (Level 12 Skirmisher)
Giant Solifugid (Level 15 Skirmisher)


Banturnite Temple Guard (Level 6 Soldier)
Daemonflesh Golem (Level 14 Solo Soldier)
Ganulf - Guardian of the Altar, Gorgom Senior (Level 12 Solo)
Gorgonic Stone Golem (Level 15 Solo Soldier)
Gulk - Skrung's Captain of Warriors (Level 22 Elite Soldier)
Gustor, Son of Skrung (Level 20 Elite Soldier) 
Helldazzler Havok (Level 20 Elite Soldier)
Infested Warforged Greatsword (Level 10 Soldier)
Magmin Bully (Level 2 Soldier) 
Mishazael - Angel of Treachery (Level 19 Solo, Elite and Standard)
Orcus - Daemon Prince of Undeath (Level 26 Raid Solo [8-12 Man])
Unsleeping Custodian (Level 22 Soldier) 


Daemon Fissures (Level 12 Hazard)
Minor Shyft Storm (Level 10 Elite Hazard)


Xixian Nightmare (Level 20 Trap) 

To Kill an Angel - Session Report, July 19th, 2011
New Boon Power - Consume Element 
The Death of Podcasts and Something Horrible
To catch a Helldazzler, To catch a Binder - Session Reports August 8th and 28th, 2011) 
Through the Hellscape / The Conjurer's Challenge - Session Report, September 5th, 2011
Meeting Vujan and Into the Sickening Deeps - Session Report, September 21st, 2011
Down into the Ur'Leth Realm and a Haunted Legend  
Further Ghostliness, A Bargain, The "Risen City" - Session Report, November 14th, 2011
The Warping Tower - Session Report, December 12th, 2011  
Killing Siskeer - Two Sessions from January 2012
Madness, Treasure, Trouble - Session Report, February 20th, 2012 
Deeper in Madness - The Death of an Artificer - Session Report, February 19th, 2012 
Still Deeper into Madness - Constructs, Circles and Caps - Session Report, March 24th, 2012 
The Last Encounter (Part 1) - Session Report, 19th March, 2012
The Last Encounter (Part 2)  
The Last Encounter (Part 3) - The Settari Weapon Unleashed
Epilogue / Prologue  
New Recruits, Kadash, Hidden Enemies - Session Report, 10th June, 2012
Meeting Omar, True Blade, Diplomacy Fail - Session Report, July 2012 
Shadows of Death - Session Report, November 5th, 2012
Ancient Sorrows and Shattered Gates - Session Report, January 22nd, 2013 
Lab Work, Underworld Issues and Dead Tammatuli - Session Report, February 5th, 2013 
A Tense Meeting, Taint Claws, Carnage - Session Report [Three separate sessions] 
Adventure Report - The Blue Lord's Lair (Part 1) 
Adventure Report - The Blue Lord's Lair (Part 2) 
Adventure Report - Through the Marrow Portal, Ancient Ghosts, Daemons
Adventure Report - Warforged Titans, New Builds, Other Worlds and More Portals (44.97 .wav)
Adventure Report - Shadow Assassin, Rituals of Seeing, Deadly Art, Negotiations
Adventure Report - Towards Skrung's Peak; Gigorim, Owlbears and a Long Climb
Adventure Report - Sneaking In, Rotting Foes, Stinking Foes, A Deadly Foe
Adventure Report - Unholy Magics, More Undead, A Summoning
Adventure Report - Grognob The Flatulent, Jailbreak Initiation
The Once King, Hidden Ways, Meeting the Usurper
Adventure Report - Unexpected Enemies, A Loss, Death Runes and Steel Spikes


Grim Tidings - Session Report, July 18th, 2011

POST WAR NATIVES (Emmiven and Seren)

Session One - August 16th, 2011
Session Two - September 18th, 2011
Session Three - September 25th, 2011

POST WAR NATIVES (Grigori, Jaeger, Schnecke and Varracuda)
Session Report; 8/8/2011 (The group return to their home world and find it changed) 

Session Report; 15/8/2011 (A horror of the Sundering manifests)
Session Report; 22/8/2011 (The group awaken in a strange land) 
Session Report; 29/8/2011 (Resurrections, and trouble at the old town well)
Session Report; 29/8/2011 (An ambush!)
Session Report; 26/9/2011 (The corrupted graveyard and what lies below)
Session Report; 10/10/11 (Hiyazaki Katazuko, An ambush and an argument)  
Session Report; 25/10/2011 (Into the Daemon Tempest)
Session Report; 7/11/2011 (Shihezzu and a growing weariness)  
Session Report; 21/11/2011 (More Oni, A Deadly Glyph and Nendenaki)
Session Report; 20/12/2011 (Searching for Treasure)  
Session Report; 3/1/2012 (A Kitsune's Tale)
Session Report; 9/1/2012 (Hostile Lights in the Darkness)

Session Report; 7/2/2012 (Massacre at Wu Shang, Wu Gung, Negotiations)

State of Play, 20th February 2012 (Arrival at Cran'Aurym, A chance meeting, Chaos)
State of Play, 16th May, 2012 (Aftermath, A missing Vyrleen, Santheil Burr)  
State of Play, 21st May, 2012 (Fight at the Exquisite Gusset, Interrogations and Running Away)
State of Play, 4th June, 2012 (Through the tunnels, Field Work, Meeting Mdawa, Opening a Way) 

State of Play, 18th June and 3rd July, 2012 (Into the Jaws of Shadrakuul)
State of Play, 23rd July, 2012 (Prisoners, Screaming Mushrooms, A Horror and a Hidden Path)
State of Play, 30th July, 2012 (Fight for the Ravager, Old Enemies, New Enemies, The most Terrible of Enemies)
State of Play, 14th August, 2012 (The Ravager, Carvings, The Great Maw, Further Discoveries)
State of Play, 9th October, 2012 (Abominations of Flesh and Mind)
State of Play, 22nd October, 2012 (Deeper and Deeper)
State of Play, 12th November, 2012 (Ancient Treasures, Painful Knowledge)
State of Play, 20th November, 2012 (The Sea C**t, Kydraxi, the Sea Lock)
State of Play, 26th November, 2012 (Dhenz'Vashal, Molten Monolith, Drug Den)
State of Play, 3rd January, 2013 (Golems, Drugs, Aliens and Deezel's Revenge)
State of Play, 28th January, 2013 (Silas, "Stone Eye", Garden Ornaments for Allies)
State of Play, 11th February, 2013 (Auran'Dyre, Sea Devils, House of Warding Waves)
State of Play, 25th February, 2013 (Lia Lost, The Tattered Brotherhood, Thornyrr, "Butcher Wolf")
State of Play, 26th March, 2013 (The Shift Mines, Deadly Treasure, Defeat) 
State of Play, 10th April, 2013 (Hunted, Harsh Histories, Dead Things)
Shnecke's Wolves - Return to the Carrion Port, Unrest, A Surprise, Elemental Bergs
State of Play, 12th November, 2013 (Summary, The Pirate Island, "Stealth", Big problems)
State of Play - Into the lair, Shnecke's Stony Problem, Exhaustion, Unexpected Guest
State of Play - Arrival at Scarathane, Dark Presences, Old Allies, Fight! 
State of Play - Fire, Deals and Deadly Ice
State of Play - Loot, Enquiries, Spies and Seeking Niba 
State of Play - Meeting Niba, Hopes Famine, Mysterious Child, The Vault, Scheggia
State of Play -Shamosk, Alien Swamps and Lifeforms, Facing the Soul of the Splinter
State of Play - The Second Meeting, Bargains, Personal Projects, Feyr Factor
State of Play - A Night in The Shattered Skull 


 The Money Pit (Level 15 Delve)